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Hardscaping Services

Patios: Flagstone and Paver
Creating a flagstone or paver patio is the easiest way to increase your usable living space of your home. Whether it is adding a patio for entertaining or for spending time with the family, the over all look and feel of stone cannot be matched, not to mention adding to the resale value of your home. We have worked with many types of stone and in many patterns. We will assist you in finding the one right for you.

Paths: Flagstone and Paver
Perhaps all you need is a path from one area to another. We can build that too. Paver paths or pattern flagstone are nice around the house, giving one a feeling of sure footedness. While the more informal flagstone path, lends itself to the garden or other less traveled areas in your yard.

Stone Retaining Walls
We have built many visually pleasing and functional walls over the years. Walls can to be created to create borders along streets, flowerbeds, lawns, driveways and sidewalks. Stonewalls can also function as retaining walls that tame a slope in the yard.

Rain Gardens
A rain garden is a flowerbed designed to allow rainwater from house downspouts to be collected and absorbed into the soil. Capturing water in the garden is an eco-friendly practice that prevents harmful runoff water, and saves time and money by eliminating the need to water your garden. The plants that grow in the rain garden are chosen to thrive in the wet/dry environment found in a rain garden. With the addition of a rain garden, new plant species can be introduced into your yard, expanding the wildlife that will be attracted to your yard.

View our Rain Gardens Page for more information.a

Ponds & Streams
Ponds, steams and pondless waterfalls are different from raingardens in that they circulate the water instead of allowing it to percolate into the soil. What they do have in common is their ability to attracting wildlife and improve your landscaped environment.

Through sight and sound, water features transform an ordinary space into a desired destination.
If space is at a minimum and maintenance a concern, then a pondless waterfall is for you. The ingenious pondless waterfall system combines the best attributes of ponds and waterfalls into a neat little package that looks good anywhere.


Seasonal Services

Native Perennials, Shrubs & Trees
We work with our specialized local nurseries to install the very hardiest of our native plants. Most of the perennials we plant are grown in a soil medium. Therefore, these plants become established quicker and with less effort from you. We also plant bare root plant in the early spring and late fall. Most shrubs and trees are grown right here in Ohio. Plants grown within this region are quicker to root and better able to withstand transplant shock.

Spring Clean Up
We will remove last year’s debris, sprucing up the beds and lawn for the new growing season. We can haul away and recycle the debris, or grind on site and return to it the flowerbeds as mulch. Mulch, applied in the late spring, can reduce the number of weed seeds that germinate and become established in the flowerbeds. We will meet all of your spring time landscaping needs, from removing old and dead foliage, to pruning ornamental trees. We will have your yard looking great for the up-coming growing season.

Summer Maintenance
Mulch applied in the early summer inhibits weed growth and helps to conserve moisture.
Summer is a good time to plant and establish garden and flowerbeds, as the nurseries are fully stocked. Pruning your spring flowering shrubs and ornamental trees can be done during this time as well. Summer is the time to plan for sowing grass in the early fall.

Fall Clean Up
As with spring clean-ups, we can haul debris or grind on site, returning fall leaves to the flowerbeds or compost pile. We will remove leaves that fall throughout the season, weekly, or all at one time. Depending on the situation, perennials can be deadheaded or left standing for winter interest or as a food and habitat for wintering birds. Mulch applied this time of year protects soil from wind and water damage over the winter months and gives the flowerbeds a nice look throughout the winter.

Soil Revitalization
With the results of a simple soil test, we can balance your soils nutrient needs for optimum growth. Whether the soil underneath the lawn is deficient or the soil in the flowerbeds needs lifting, we can resolve the problem and fix it!

Seeding & Sod
Sometimes it is just better to start over with your lawn. Over-seeding or reseeding a lawn with an improved variety of grass seed can have a dramatic effect after a short period of growth. We will choose the proper seed to sow, based on the conditions found in your yard. Often times, the new seed we sow can be chosen for increased tolerance to drought, shade and wear.

At times when seed will not work, we can remove the old lawn and plant sod. We have been using a tall type fescue for the last several years that we are excited about. This tall type fescue has been inoculated with a rizomatous fungus. This type of fungus forms a symbiotic relationship with the grass plant, helping the grass take in nutrients and water that would otherwise be unavailable.

Soil Aeration
Soil aeration is a process in which holes are mechanically punched into the soil. Plugs of grass and soil are removed from the ground, and left on top of the lawn to decompose. This process allows air and water to circulate around the roots, encouraging healthy growth. The plugs left on top of the soil decompose back into the soil in several weeks. How often you need to aerate, depends on how compacted the soil is under the lawn.


Weekly Lawn Maintenance

Weekly Lawn Maintenance
Watershed provides worry-free lawn maintenance throughout the growing season. On an as needed basis, we will mow, trim and blow your lawn to keep it looking its best. We follow the BMP’s (or Best Management Practices) of lawn care. These guiding principals help us maintain our high standards for your lawn and our environment.

Organic Lawn Care

Organic Lawn Care
Using the finest lawn care products available, we will treat not only your lawn, but also the soil beneath the lawn. This is a critical difference between our program and that of our competitors. With over a decade’s worth of experience, we will assess your lawn and the soil beneath, then recommend a course of action. Organic lawn care services include fertilization, weed control, leaf compost top dressing and Japanese beetle control.
A necessary ingredient for a chemical free lawn is healthy soil.


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