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We are 'The Rain Garden Experts'

Rain GardenRain gardens are a natural way to use rain water and melted snow as a resource instead of a waste product.

A rain garden is a landscaped flowerbed carefully designed to allow rainwater from downspouts to be collected and absorbed into the soil and away from your house. Capturing water in a rain garden is an eco-friendly practice that prevents harmful runoff water from entering our community's streams, and saves time and money by eliminating the need to water your garden.

The plants that grow in the rain garden are specially selected to thrive in the wet/dry environment of a rain garden. With the addition of a rain garden, new plant species can be introduced into your yard, expanding the wildlife that will be attracted to your yard.

A rain garden is a beautiful and cost-effective way to manage stormwater, help prevent moisture damage to your home, attract butterflies and songbirds, and add value to your property.

Rain gardens are designed to hold water for no longer than 48 hours, allowing the water to drain into the ground at a  natural pace. Since they do not hold water permanently as a pond does, they are not breeding grounds for mosquito larvae, which need between 7 and 12 days to complete their life cycles.


Rain Garden   Rain Garden   Rain Garden   Rain Garden   Rain Garden  
Click on the photos to view rain gardens in the Brook Run community.


Successful Rain Garden Projects
In addition to designing and installing rain gardens in residential homes across Central Ohio, Watershed Organic was selected to install rain gardens by The City of Westerville in the Brook Run community and by The Village of Shawnee Hills to build a rain garden at its Municipal Building.

Brook Run Project reduced neighborhood run-off by 60%
Watershed Organic worked with the Franklin County Soil and Water District and the City of Westerville to install rain gardens in 15 residential properties and city-owned right-of-ways near Innis Woods. The objective was to reduce harmful excess waterflow into the local watershed.

The rain gardens reduced storm water run-off by 60% while adding beautiful landscaping to the neighborhood. That exceeded the plan's goal of 55% reduction, and as the rain gardens continue to become established, that number is expected to grow. The project is featured at www.centralohioraingardens.org.

Shawnee Hills Municipal Building
The Village of Shawnee Hills and the Delaware Soil & Water Conservation District commissioned Watershed Organic to create a rain garden at the Shawnee Hills Municipal Building. The rain garden now diverts rain water and melted snow from the roof of the large building.


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Click on the photos to view the Shawnee Hills project from start to finish.


Please call us us at (614) 774-2532 to talk about a rain garden for your home, or tell us a little about your property and plans using our online form and we will provide a free quote for you within a few days.

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